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What can I do to minimise my tax this year?

No-one likes to pay too much tax. Towards the end of each financial year there are steps we can take to help minimise our current year tax liability. There are some simple things we can consider doing that can collectively make a significant impact on your tax bill. The following tips can apply to those who are employed or self-employed.… read more →

Estate Planning

Simple estate planning you should do now

When most people think of estate planning they simply think of having a Will.  A Will directs your Executor as to how you want your assets to be distributed and is a very important document but it is not the “be all and end all” of an estate plan.  Other things to consider include: Power of attorney (PoA): Appointing others… read more →


How much do I need to retire?

The answer to this question driven by what you want to do when you retire.  By this I mean what are you intentions once you stop earning a full-time income? The capital amount that you would require when you retire invariably depend upon the answer to the following questions: Do you want to relocate/ downsize and potentially releasing equity from… read more →

Personal Insurance

How much is enough personal insurance?

This would have to be the most common question I am asked by clients.  Unfortunately, there is no answer that would apply to anyone and to add to the confusion, every adviser is likely to give you a different answer!  That is because tailoring appropriate cover for a family is not an exact science.  Everyone has different financial objectives that… read more →


Superannuation salary sacrifice: Save tax and save for retirement

Salary sacrifice means to trade part of your before tax wages or salary and to apply these earnings for another purpose. The most common salary sacrifice items include: Superannuation Motor vehicles Laptops Mobile phones for primarily business use The above are the most popular salary sacrificed items but why should we consider doing this?  The above all have one thing… read more →

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