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New! Full personal cover for horse sports.

If you participate in horse sports and are looking for full life and disability cover, then click here for more details.


Country Wealth recognises that each individual client will need an individual solution. That is why we take the time to get to know your current personal and financial circumstances and provide you with a tailored solution to achieve your future goals and objectives.

We take a long term focus with our clients and aim to develop a strong and close professional relationship. Our client relationship is not based on short term transactions but in forming a long term partnership that will benefit you in the long run.

How We Can Help

Pilot insurance
Fixed and Rotary Wing pilot Personal Insurance

Are you a professional pilot and unable to secure personal insurance? We have a solution for all types of pilots that have no exclusions and no loadings. Read more…

Protection for Paramedics
Protection for Paramedics

Are you a Paramedic and unable to secure affordable personal insurance? We are able to tailor a personal protection package for you that will provide you with full cover without exclusions. Read more…

Protection for Farmers
Protection for Farmers

Farm owners and labourers can present a challenge for insurers. We have a solution that can provide full personal insurance cover for farm related occupations for a variety of purposes. Read more…

Protection for Firefighters Protection for Firefighters

Are you a Firefighter and unable to secure affordable personal insurance? We have a solution for all types of Firefighters that allow us to package your cover to give you and your family peace of mind. Read more…

Miners Income Protection Full income protection for mining industry employees

Do you work in the mining industry and only have access to restricted Union based personal insurance schemes? We can provide a full personal insurance solution. Read more…

Small Business Risk Advise Small Business Risk Advice

Do you run a small business and have concerns about how the business will be impacted should you or other key staff not be able to work as a result of an accident or illness?
Read more…

Retirement Planning Retirement Planning

Are you concerned if you will have enough income in retirement? We can help you maximise your retirement savings using tax effective strategies. Read more…

Individuals and Families
Individuals and Families

Do you feel that you should have a financial plan but just don’t know where to start? We can assist you in putting a comprehensive financial plan in place. Read more…

Financial Planning
Why Us?

Country Wealth are a client focused full service financial planning business. We can provide you with a range of advice options to suit your needs.
Read more…

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